The Differences between MEN & WOMEN

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42 thoughts on “The Differences between MEN & WOMEN

  1. This is Hilarious!!!!! They should have had one more lion picture with the male walking away while the female is freaking out.

  2. uhhhhhh im confused….. i’ve never seen a man act like that if he has a cold. i think you got those mixed up

  3. yes women just have tea when they have a cold because they get sick about 2-3 time a week.

  4. Very funny! But speaking for myself (a woman) my car would never look like that and I would never wear a torture device to a party.

  5. I’m pretty sure women don’t wear those shoes to school. Maybe in preschool.

  6. OMG!!!! That is so true the change up for men and women when going out us women like to look stunting, and men most majority doesn’t care, and with the arguments men except women to not respond but in reality men really know what it is when it comes down to an argument you want get the last say so…. lol:-)

  7. So very true I like it the difference between women and men made me laugh the pictures are good aswell.

  8. this is moronic.. the only good ones are the socialising and the shoes pictures.

  9. Julie

    I EXPECT it would be STUNNING if anyone finds your comment comprehensible. I say the least majority will get it.

  10. Okay, Beckah, and how would you depict a freaking out lion? Please take your time.

  11. Im confused why women need so many different pairs of shoes, you don’t need any for the walk from the kitchen to the bedroom.

  12. with the cold part its the other way around because guys try to look tough and act like there not sick or just get tea when women get angry at everything and act like they are going to die

  13. liked everything but the shoe thing was dumb, if you’re at a party and she’s wearing high heels and he’s wearing sneakers then their age and them dating is probably illegal, same thing with going to the ball

  14. Good stuff. But you should think about changing the subtitle of your blog so that it is grammatically correct–“than” not “then”. It was the first thing I noticed when I stumbled here and it really shows your laziness and possible lack of education (hopefully not the latter). If it is meant to read “then,” I would suggest changing it regardless, because people may get confused. Cheers.

  15. OMG!!! One fucking pair of shoes! That is a new one. I have never met a female with a special pair of shoes just for fucking. Will you marry me?

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